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7 Places To Enjoy an Absolut Espresso Martini

There is no doubt that coffee makes the world go round. When you add the perfect kind of premium alcohol to create a delicious Absolut espresso martini, the result is a cosmic explosion of amazingness. A sweet mix of Kahlua, vodka, espresso and coffee beans, this AM cocktail is every java and Absolut fan’s dream come true.

Before you can take off into the galaxy of Martiniville, you need to figure out where you want to land with a nice cool glass of the out-of-this-world adult beverage. This list can help. With seven of the best places to enjoy an Absolut espresso martini, you are bound to find inspiration here.

1. On the Beach

If you live somewhere near a giant body of water (hello, Great Lakes and ocean states!), then the beach can offer a relaxing and potentially peaceful opportunity to sip one of these martinis while you and your friends catch up on the latest news as you watch the waves splash by.

2. On a Patio or Balcony

According to Martha Stewart, this delicious coffee buzz is making a comeback among martini lovers. While you are out on your patio or balcony thumbing through home decor magazines, you can sip away and follow Ms. Stewart’s wisdom while browsing her inventory and daydreaming about new ways to arrange your living area.

3. At Your Favorite Bar

Do you have a favorite neighborhood bar? If so, you are not alone. As it turns out, many Americans do. With that said, how often do you try something new at your favorite watering hole? If you are like many folks, it is less than frequently. The truth is, most humans are creatures of habit. Why not liven things up by trying one of these at your weekly hangout?

4. At a New Bar

On the other hand, where is a bar that you have never tried before? For this question, do not limit yourself to local options. Think about all of these places where you have traveled to. What kinds of bars caught your attention there? Why did you like them? Then, go out and see what is around you. Do this when you are in your hometown but also try it when you are traveling. When it comes to getting to know a place, nothing compares to drinking with locals.

5. On Vacation

In general, people loosen up while on vacation. If there is ever a great time to try a new cocktail, why not make it when you plan to be most relaxed? Even if you have a full itinerary, do not make it so full that you do not have several hours of free time to do whatever (which includes drinking martinis in the hotel lobby). You may also be able to order one on a plane or at an airport.

6. At Breakfast

When most people hear “espresso,” they think of breakfast. It is only natural. With this fact in mind, the earliest meal of the day can certainly be an ideal time to whip up a glass of this tasty mixture. Keep in mind, it is usually better to eat some food before consuming the alcoholic portion of your breakfast.

7. At Home

On those really hot days in the summer, grab some ice and whip your espresso martini into a frozen concoction of cool refreshment. To really make things fancy, garnish it up with a dash of coffee beans. The smell alone will be enticing, but when you taste the near-ice cream deliciousness, you will not know what hit you.

Whichever one of these places sounds appealing to you, an Absolut espresso martini can make it better. Here is to coffee-ing it up in all the ways!

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