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BBQs 2U Opens Doors for Award Winning Ooni Pizza Ovens

BBQ 2U was started in 2002 to help UK grillers enjoy a great barbequing experience every summer. The BBQs 2U is a family-based business. Every member of the family is passionate about grilling and smoking. They sell BBQ products from a few brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and Napoleon. The brands are vetted before they collaborate with the manufacturers.

BBQs 2U even added Ooni Pizza Ovens to their inventory with a purpose to offer pizza-lovers to cook fresh pizzas right in their backyard. Check out the pizza oven collection from Ooni that includes Ooni Fyra, Ooni Karu, Ooni Koda oven 12, Ooni Koda 16, and multi-fuel Ooni Pro.

Ooni offers ovens with different fuel options. Buyers who will not use wood and cook on gas can choose Koda. It is a lightweight, well-designed portable oven. The linear gas burner in the back is too effective with its flimsy flames. On the other hand, Ooni Karu offers fuel options…. two fuels in a single oven!

Karu is taller, so the internal roof space is high and the opening looks bigger due to the front fascia. Switch with ease between wood and gas as the gas burner resides outside the oven. Koda has a linear gas burner, which sits in the backside of the oven including a tiny flame guard for cooking pizza parts away from flames. The burner offers a wispy flame that is the same as wood. The pizza stone in Karu is thick than Koda and sits deep on the oven floor. Karu is designed specifically for wood flames but even works great with gas flames.

Ooni Fyra fuels on wood pellets and produces outstanding pizzas. It is a portable, compact, and most affordable model. Unlike Fyra, Ooni Koda 12 has no chimney and is the only model with a minimalistic design. Fyra is also energy efficient and offers your pizzas the wood-fired taste.

The Koda 16 is bigger as well as heavy. Currently, propane gas is a fuel option but soon Ooni will release natural gas burner kit compatible with Koda 16. It has a cooking space of 16”, which cooks pizzas larger than Karu and Fyra. For larger cooking space, check the Ooni Pro oven. The oven has a cooking surface of 17.7” and not just cooks large pizzas but even a full turkey or cast-iron skill will fit inside it. It is multi-fueled, heavy, and costlier than Koda 16.

The appealing features of Ooni ovens include extreme heat retention, fuss-free maintenance, robust material, fuel options, and flame-cooked flavors. Even check Ooni accessories like a pizza cutter, pizza peel, pizza oven brush, modular table, and pizza cutter blade on BBQs 2U, located in Abersoch, Pwllheli. With Ooni gas or wood-fired create a pizzeria in the backyard and enjoy crusty pizzas with family and friends.

BBQs 2U are also on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. The family always looks for ways to make their followers and fans enjoy the best pizza-making experience.

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