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How to Choose the Best Pizza Place

No two restaurants offer exactly the same pizza. Every location has its own way of creating this classic dish. If you want the best pizza in KL (Kuala Lumpur), here are some of the main things to look for.

Look for Halal Certified Ingredients

One of the most important details to look for is halal-certified ingredients. Pizza made with halal ingredients tastes better, as the ingredients come from food sources that comply with Islamic law.

The food and the animals that it comes from cannot be adulterated with antibiotics and any other types of unnatural ingredients. This results in better quality ingredients.

Pizza Screens for Oil-Free Pizza

Some of the top pizza places in Kuala Lumpur use pizza screens instead of pizza stones or solid metal trays. A pizza screen is a flat mesh disk designed to allow air to circulate under the dough.

The mesh also allows oil to drip from the pizza as it cooks. Instead of sitting in oil, the pizza becomes light and crispy. The resulting pizza has less oil, which makes the pizza screen a little healthier compared to other cooking methods.

Pizza Made with Hand-Tossed Dough

Hand-tossing dough helps create a round shape and makes the crust softer and easier to work with. The top pizza places always hand-toss dough, as it results in a unique crust every time.

A Wide Selection of Toppings and Side Dishes

Unless you prefer cheese pizza, you likely want one or more toppings. Look for a pizza place that offers a selection of toppings to suit your tastes. Along with traditional options, such as pepperoni, you may want pizza topped with olives, anchovies, or onions.

Pizza places also typically offer side dishes. Common choices include garlic bread, dipping sauces, and soup.

Pizza Places with Online Ordering

Many restaurants are adopting the latest technologies to appeal to a younger market and attract new customers.

For example, many locations now offer online ordering. Ordering pizza online is often more convenient compared to placing an order over the phone. You can avoid miscommunications, which are common on the phone. If you want to guarantee a correct order, consider ordering your next pizza online.

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