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How to Make the Most of your Buffalo Wings Order and Delivery

Buffalo, New York is the center of the American chicken wings. For people outside Buffalo, Buffalo wings are the style of fried and sauced chicken wings that can be offered I hot, medium, and mild sauces. They are arguably the most popular wings on Super Bowl game day. People eat them by dipping the wings into sauces with ranch dressing and blue cheese being two of the most popular.

These days, you don’t have to be in Buffalo to try the famous wings. You can easily get your buffalo wings delivered to your home by ordering them online. And with the current pandemic, takeaways and online ordering have become even more popular options. This article gives you tips on how to order buffalo wings like a pro.

While Buffalo wings are quite common during the football season, you can order them from your favorite restaurant anytime you want. With the right tips on making the most of your wing order, you can have the most satisfying meal you deserve.

Should You Go Bone-In Or Boneless?

When ordering chicken wings, you must decide whether to order bone-in wings or boneless wings. These are valid options and it often depends on your preference. The bones in chicken wings add flavor to them but boneless chicken is well-seasoned to suit everyone’s taste. Some places will offer you a split of half bone-in and half boneless. This is an excellent option if you are ordering Buffalo wings for a party setting.

Determine Sauce Options

There are many different sauces or marinades that your wings can come in. The base of the Buffalo wing sauce includes cayenne pepper, melted butter or margarine, and hot sauce. The sauce can be made mild, medium, or hot. Commercial ready-to-use wing sauce is also available and made with different levels of spiciness.

In terms of wing sauces, the dripping sauce is the key. The best part about most delivery wings is the option to order small containers of endless amounts of sauces. Make sure to ask for extra cheese sauce or honey mustards. However, consider trying the more eclectic ones such as an aioli and sriracha ranch.

Take Advantage of Specials

Depending on your location, a sports bar, restaurant, or pub near you may have weekly wing specials. Many places offer their wings at $1 and some even do 10 cent wings, depending on the day. Sides dishes such as mozzarella sticks and fries may be added into the mix. That is why you don’t want to miss out on these opportunities.

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