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Pizza served to excite your taste buds

Pizza is undoubtedly one food or treat that makes a great appeal to a great number of people. And, many can’t even pinpoint the particular thing that makes it taste the way it does. So, before you go for another box of Wiseguy Pizza,  in Hailey, take a moment to consider what makes every slice [of pizza] so delicious– let’s take a sizzling look from this end.

Magic in the mix

A good mix of ingredients, starting with the preparation of the dough, will set the tone for the making of a delicious pizza. That fluffy pizza you munched the last time wouldn’t have been possible without the magical hand of the pizzaiolo or maybe some other guy that has mastered the art of turning the ingredients around. It may be interesting to know that premade doughs for pizza are available at grocery stores – just in case you decide to make some slices of pizza for yourself at home.


The ingredients are also essential in making pizza what it is. Apart from the dough, the other notable ingredients that can’t be missing from a well-made pizza are tomatoes. These are usually grounded or crushed to get their juiciness into the pizza. Tomatoes are thus added as sauce and other ingredients like garlic, virgin olive oil, and cheese to this tasteful delight of food. Some commonly blended sauces used in making pizza include marinara sauce, garlic-ranch sauce, artichoke sauce, pesto, etc. It is rare to see a prepared pizza sauce that doesn’t contain tomato – and maybe mozzarella, a unique kind of cheese that originated from the South of Italy. Then, we have the toppings – which may range from leafy greens to prosciutto, broccoli, chicken, pepper, mushroom, ham, pineapple, beef, and so on – used in garnishing the pizza.

Heating things up

You may not give a second thought to the dough’s procedures in the oven, yet without them, there would be no pizza. What would you think if you were handed a pizza that didn’t look brown? The brownness of pizza is more than just the color shift in the pizza crust. Have you ever considered how much better it tastes because of this? Your pizza does taste better because of the caramelization process, which results in the browning of the toppings. This occurs when the sugar reacts to the oven’s heat and mixes with the tomato flavor and the other components’ flavors. The irresistibility of the pizza will have you running to grab a slice when it’s all done and set. The cheese and meat on the pizza, on the other hand, are brown in a different way. When heat is applied, the sugar in the cheese and meat reacts with the protein components.

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