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The Evolution of Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is a trend that started almost half a century ago has come a long way. From handwritten order slips to phone calls, and now with the initiation of technology, online ordering makes life easy. But what about those who crave for a piping hot pizza, well do not worry we got your back. If you are in Australia and crave for the best pizza delivery in Lane Cove, you should check out Doughboy Pizza. For this blog let us take a walk down memory lane and discuss the evolution of pizza delivery.

The Birth of Pizza Delivery

It was in the 1960s when the pizza delivery concept gained popularity in America. The first-ever pizza restaurant (recorded) to offer home deliveries was Domino’s Pizza. They introduced a unique idea of delivering pizzas in 30 minutes or less. Soon after, other pizza chains took inspiration and began offering delivery services as well.

The Phone Call Era

The ’90s witnessed a drastic change that transformed the face of pizza delivery. Phone calls became the most convenient and popular way to order pizza. Pizza chains opened their lines and trained employees to take orders for pizza. The service was quick, yet there was still (a lot of) room for human error.

Technological Advancement

Technology changed the way we order pizza forever, from the early 2000s saw the introduction of online ordering services for pizza. With the help of the internet, customers could now access multiple pizza menus, customise their orders, and of course, make payments online. This service made ordering a pizza much more convenient than before.

On Demand Delivery Model

With a shift towards on demand services like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and more, the idea of pizza delivery has changed. Pizza chains have now partnered with these delivery services to expand their reach and offer delivery services to a wider audience. This has allowed them to be present in multiple geographic locations, expanding their customer base.

Future of Pizza Delivery

The future is bright for pizza delivery services. With the rise of AI and chatbots, pizza chains can now offer faster order-taking services. They can also track the delivery service in real-time, which will undoubtedly increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the room for human error.

The evolution of pizza delivery shows how much convenience has become a top priority for customers. At Doughboy Pizza, they know this and strive to offer the best pizza delivery services in Lane Cove. From the early days of pizza delivery to online ordering and now partnering with on-demand delivery services, we see the potential for future advancements in pizza delivery services. Who knows, 10 years down the line we may find a drone waiting outside your front door with a piping hot pizza!

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