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Tips for buying fresh prawns

If you are a seafood lover, you will definitely set out to purchase the best. Moreover, the best part is that you never go wrong with prawns. Well, if you’re out in the market (offline or online) buying prawns, you need to know the difference with that of shrimp.

Many individuals often confuse prawn and shrimps to be the same things. This confusion is mostly because many supermarkets sell shrimp in the name of prawns. Even the jumbo shrimps are said to be prawns. Therefore, it is very easy to be conned in the market.

You can purchase these easily from anywhere in the market. Furthermore, if you don’t want to get into much hassle, you can buy fresh-quality A&T trading wholesale garlic prawns. Frozen seafood can be great and will play an important role in enhancing the taste.

How to purchase prawns?

When you buy prawns, you need to know what you’re choosing. Do you want frozen prawns or fresh prawns? However, when you set out to cook, you will need to defrost these both. Nonetheless, the taste of both the prawns will significantly vary.

Cooking prawns

One of the best parts about prawns is that they can be cooked in different ways. Depending on what you want, you can either fry it, grill it or even boil it. Cooking prawn is more about preference. However, if you don’t want a gritty taste, it is advisable to keep the vein on.

If you are cooking prawns, you need to defrost them completely. This is mostly because if you don’t do so, you will never be able to get the taste. Moreover, you should always place the prawn in a waterproof package. You can also place it in cold water for it to be defrosted.

Once you have defrosted the frozen prawns, you need to start cooking it immediately.

Shell on or off?

How do you like your prawns? Similar to cooking, consuming prawns is too much of a personal preference. If you are removing the shells off the frozen prawns, it will be slightly easier to pull it out. However removing the prawns out of a shell isn’t easy either.

You need to twist the head and then remove it. After you remove the head, you need to remove the legs by holding the prawn from its tail. However, when you’re removing the legs, you need to ensure that you devein the prawns carefully. If you do not remove the veins carefully, it can be a huge problem as the taste of the prawn will not be as it is supposed to be. You should consider running the prawn in cold water so that you can carefully wash off the vein.

Prawns aren’t like other seafoods that take long to be cooked. When you are cooking prawns, you need to stir fry it. Moreover, you should wait at least 30 seconds to ensure that the prawns are cooked. Breading and drying the prawns can also help to prepare the best. The different recipes have different timelines. However, on an usual basis, the prawns are usually cooked within a minute.

Happy meal!

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