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Visiting Kansas City? Try The Incredible BBQ Food!

Many may know Kansas City for the jazz music scene, but if you are a foodie, you will find no dearth of good restaurants here. From the fusion ones, to local stalls and fine-dine options, there is something for everyone. In case you are missing the Tex-Mex style of barbeque food in Missouri, Kansas City is just the ideal stop. You will find BBQ restaurants that serve some of the classics, besides new options and specialties. In this post, we are sharing more on BBQ food and things to order to have the best dinner in Kansas City!

Selecting a BBQ restaurant

Some of the eateries and restaurants in Kansas City are commendable for their BBQ fare. The good news is many of them have their websites, so you can find most details online, including their menu. Note that selected restaurants do have different menus for lunch and dinner, and dinner menus are more varied, with a wider range of BBQ food options. Also, you may want to step in early, because the whole fatty-smoky meat experience is best enjoyed at a slow pace. You can check for reviews online to find more on the best BBQ restaurants in KC.

What to try?

Depending on the restaurant, expect at least some of the classic BBQ dishes. For instance, beef brisket and beer ribs are must-haves for many people. The juiciness & fat of the meat when combined with creamy mashed potato or a potato salad make for the perfect combo. If you are a lover of pork, you should definitely consider trying something like smoked & grilled pork belly. Chicken wings, sausages, pulled pork, Mac ‘n’ cheese, and apple slaw go well on the sides. Many restaurants also serve BBQ food with a twist, you can expect some incredible sandwiches, burgers, and fusion BBQ fare, which go beyond the grilled meats.

Things to know

Many restaurants have something on the side that goes with the main dish, like slaw, French fries, or often select sides. Before you order, you may want to ask about that. It is also wise to keep an eye on the portions, or ask the servers for details. The idea is to enjoy the meat, and with grilled meat that’s oozing fat, you are likely to get full sooner.

Many restaurants in KC have ready dinner plates, which are worth the money spent. Shortlist a few options now!

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